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"DIAMANTE TARTUFI" and "" are registered trademarks owned by della società DIAMANTE TARTUFI S.r.l., Via Lorenzo Ghiberti, 1, 35134 Padova - PD, ITALY, Tel/Fax: +39(0)49.0984707 - Mobile: +39.347.4293297 (Italy), (from now on called "DIAMANTE TARTUFI"). The products you can buy on are sold by DIAMANTE TARTUFI.
DIAMANTE TARTUFI ensures that users have complete information on the site e, correct and up-to-date. However, DIAMANTE TARTUFI disclaims any responsibility for the completeness, correctness and updating of the information and data provided by users, suppliers or third parties on the site.
DIAMANTE TARTUFI also adopts appropriate measures to avoid the publication on the site of content that can be considered detrimental to civil convictions, human rights and the dignity of people, in all its forms and expressions. However, DIAMANTE TARTUFI does not guarantee that the content published on is appropriate or lawful in other countries other than Italy. If you are subject to the law of countries where such content is deemed illegal or illegal, please do not access and be informed that, if you still decide to access our web, you are proceeding at your own initiative and you will be solely responsible for complying with the relevant local laws that may apply.
DIAMANTE TARTUFI will not be responsible if it is impossible to access the site or malfunctions, outages, data loss, unauthorized access, deletion or alteration of content, any damage caused by viruses, errors, corrupted files or any other type of problem related to the internet network, provider, telephone connections or devices or systems you use. We encourage you to make sure that your computer, devices, internet provider and internet provider use suitable and up-to-date systems for the proper functioning of internet connections and for the protection of telematic data transmission.
DIAMANTE TARTUFI also does not guarantee that the photographs of the products sold on faithfully match the original ones. The display of images on may in fact change due your monitor settings, your browser or any other malfunctions independent to DIAMANTE TARTUFI.
These Terms of Use are related only to the use of Therefore, DIAMANTE TARTUFI is not responsible for contents and adopted rules adopted, including privacy, by different websites that are visible on site by links or banners.

DIAMANTE TARTUFI owns the "". All content on, such as images, photographs, works, documents, logos, slogans, texts, sounds, videos and any other material posted on, including web pages, graphics and design, are protected by copyright and intellectual property rights of DIAMANTE TARTUFI and their other owners.
It is therefore forbidden any form of reproduction, republishing, alteration, exploitation or transfer to third parties, in all or part, of the contents of without the prior written consent given by DIAMANTE TARTUFI. DIAMANTE TARTUFI is the exclusive holder of the registered trademarks "DIAMANTE TARTUFI" and "", including any second or third-level domains that include the domain name (such as, for example, All other distinctive signs that distinguish the products sold on and published on our site are registered trademarks owned by their respective owners and are used exclusively to describe and promote the products offered for sale on the website
Only DIAMANTE TARTUFI and the other respective holders have the right to use the trademarks. It is therefore expressly forbidden to use such trademarks and distinctive signs to distinguish any type of products or services, even other than those offered by, without the prior express consent of DIAMANTE TARTUFI or the other respective trademark holders.
The main brands of the products sold on are famous and known to the public, so it is strictly prohibited any use of such trademarks that has not been expressly authorized and, in any case, that does not comply with the law.
It is also strictly forbidden to use such trademarks and any other distinctive features on in order to unduly benefit from their prestige or distinctiveness, or in any way in order to harm them.

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DIAMANTE TARTUFI reserves the right to change or update these Terms of Use if necessary or appropriate. We invite you, therefore, to consult periodically the section “terms of use and copyright” since its content will be binding as soon as it is published on our website and from that moment it will be considered known and accepted by you.

These Terms of Use are regulated by Italian law.
In the case of disputes against DIAMANTE TARTUFI arising from the Terms of Use, DIAMANTE TARTUFI is committed to join the conciliation service RisolviOnline.
RisolviOnline is an online conciliation service provided by the Arbitration Chamber of the Milan Chamber of Commerce, through which it is possible to reach in a friendly manner a legally binding agreement to satisfy both parties, thanks to the assistance of a qualified and impartial conciliator provided online. Please visit if you would like to know more about the conciliation service offered by RisolviOnline or if you would like to submit a conciliation request.

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